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Who are we?

We are a company based in Tijuana specialized in the development of high-tech software, we seek to provide high-quality services and programs to enterprise and industrial markets. We have a highly specialized and international team with over 10 years of experience, developers with a minimum of master’s degree studies, 90% of our programmers are at levels higher than the conventional (SENIORS). We also have certifications from MICROSOFT and fairs of international programming, so it makes us a company highly reliable in each of our operating levels.

Our Goal

We are to help you grow your business, increase your sales, improve your processes, maintain and internal and external control, develop of applications, web pages with organic search engine optimization. We provide you with technology solutions based on systems of software made to the measure of your needs or with any of our developments in the city of Tijuana.


Our main mission is to provide support tools based on hardware and software in the factory enterprise environment. We make a specific approach in the customer satisfaction by listening to your different needs so we can leave a mark of quality in the various markets in which we operate.


FrameTeck aims to be leader in the national and international market. It is therefore that we seek to continually have real approaches:

  • UTILITIES: Generate and maximize the flow and return of cash to our members assets/holders, taking into account the responsibilities that we need in order to achieve this.
  • HUMAN CAPITAL: Creating and improving a technology work environment as a whole in which ideas can be developed and a creative and inspiring environment can be created with innovative employment models.
  • PORTFOLIO OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Offer a high and selective range of products, systems, and services that support the continuous improvement of the company to the national and international market.
  • PARTNERSMaintain and create a network of visionary partners who are 101% support for the creation of high impact and the implementation of technology businesses.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL ECOSYSTEM: Support and encourage future generations of high-impact entrepreneurship and various modes to engage with different technologies, generating passion and dedication for the venture.
  • CSRBeing a socially responsible company, always committed to the social and ecological support.


FrameTeck is core to a set of values that without them our reason to make this company would not be the same. Our values are the main pillars that give us value as enterprise and human capital, since each Member must carry them and live in continuous and accurate, way that lead us to make correct decisions that are reflected in our actions.

  • Passion for excellence
  • Integrity: Be authentic and be the best for you.
  • Quality: We don’t do things well, we make them excellent.
  • Leadership: Impetus and courage to continuously improve.
  • Diversity: We take care of internal and external needs.
  • Passion: Commitment to excellence.
  • Responsibility: Cornerstone of each of the members in our company.
  • Honesty: Basis of trust and communication with our partners and customers.

Software service in tijuana

Work with specialists

Our team is composed of specialists certified by Microsoft, one of the largest technology companies in the world, to deliver you the best IT services in Tijuana.

Working with certified specialists will assure that your projects will be in the expert hands, delivering the best quality possible.

Our work process

Our unique work process aims to deliver the best results possible, prioritizing tasks and retrieving the most useful data to meet your desire objectives

planning & strategy

We plan the best workflow based on you´r desired objectives.

design & develop

We design the whole structure of your project and then our specialist start developing.

test & deliver

We test all of the project to deliver you the higher quality possible

“If you can imagine it, we can create it”

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